About Me

Denise Koorevaar

Personal Trainer & Sport Massage Therapist

Personal Trainer Sport Massage Therapist Denise Koorevaar Stockholm

Who am I

Denise Koorevaar

Next to my education I gained a lot of experience by training my clients during my internships and my working days.

I have been active in all sorts of sports since I could walk. I mainly practice football as a very passionate goalkeeper. In the season of 2014-2015 I played in the Professional League in The Netherlands. Before and after that year I also played in the highest amateur league in The Netherlands. Momentarily I am active in the Swedish Division 1 Competition.

The reason I became a Personal Trainer starts with my long history of practicing sports. I love every sport and I love to work out. I thought, why not bundle my love for sport, teaching and helping people together and make it my job?

In 2012 I started my educational journey and made Fitness and Wellness my profession. This due to my interest in how the human body works and how you can manipulate it for your own benefit. It is absolutely amazing what our bodies can do, handle, endure and how they can evolve.

As a Personal Trainer nowadays I am still learning and gaining more knowledge to become even better in the future and to maximize my ability to help everyone reach their desired goals. 

I am very passionate about what I do and for me it is not only about being the Personal Trainer. I am your coach, your motivator, your inspirator and I want you to have fun training with me.


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  • (0046) 76 920 6848



Sports & Leadership Coordinator Fitness & Wellness


Fitvak Fitness Trainer A


ACE Sport Massage Therapist


NASM European Licensed Personal Trainer


NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist


Sport Specific Training

Core / Mobility Training

Weight Loss Training

Rehab Training

Senior Training


SATS Core Group Training Instructor

SATS Crosstraining Group Training Instructor