Personal Training

Why a Personal Trainer?
A Personal Trainer has the qualities, experience and knowledge to design a personal training plan. With a Personal Trainer you will train with individual guidance. Together we will determine a realistic goal after which I will support you to reach this goal.

With Personal Training your training will be safe, effective, you will not just skip a training and I will push you just a little further then you might normally go.

Personal advice just for you

Adjusted to your lifestyle

Professional Guidance focused on your goal

Personal Trainer Sport Massage Therapist Denise Koorevaar Stockholm

What do I offer

Get Acquainted

If you are interested in Personal Training it is important that we get to know each other. This acquaintance is free of charge. If you decide you want to start with Personal Training, we will then follow up discussing your goal and wishes.

PAR-Q & Testing

Prior to the start of the actual Personal Training I will need to know more about your physiological condition. You will get a questionnaire about your lifestyle and your general health after which we will do some tests to determine your posture and physical fitness.

Personal Training Plan

If the previous steps are successfully completed I will design a Personal Training Plan that is adjusted to you, your goal, your wishes and your physical fitness.


During the time we training I will keep track of your progress. When you reached your goal we will evaluate the process and the overall results.

Available Options

PT Individual

If you are interested in individual training with me as your Personal Trainer, contact me for more information.

PT Duo

I also offer Personal Training for those who would like to train together. This training is only available for 2 persons. Contact me for more information regarding PT Duo.

PT Small Group

Would you rather share the cost and train with a Personal Trainer in a small group of 3-5 persons? Click on the button to find out more about the Small Group Training.
More Information

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